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About Main Agricultural Research station Raichur

           The Main Agricultural Research Station is established in the year 1932 which is 4 km away from Raichur city at Raichur- Lingasugur road. The MARS is located at an altitude of 389 metres above MSL, 160 15’ N Latitude and 170 20’ E longitude. The average rainfall of the station is 669 mm. The mean maximum temperature is 330C and the mean minimum temperature is 210C. The climate of the station is tropical climate and the soils are medium to deep black soils and shallow red soils. The station is comes under North Eastern Dry Zone (Zone-II) of Karnataka. The total area of the station is 241 ha out of which 71.05 ha is under irrigation and 69.54 ha is under rainfed condition. The main objectives of the station are: to take up the region specific problems of the major crops of the region like cotton, jowar, sunflower, groundnut, pigeonpea, linseed etc, to strengthen the activities of oilseed crops viz, sunflower, groundnut, castor, safflower, linseed, niger and sesame, to take up the seed production of the above to cater the needs of the farmer, to strengthen the work of horticultural crops seedlings viz, mango, citrus, sapota, lemon etc., to enhance the activities of agricultural allied aspects such as fisheries, dairy, farm machinery & agril. Implements, food processing and post harvest technology and soil and water engineering etc., to address the major problems of agriculture and allied sections of TBP & UKP areas.

            The main kharif crops of the region are Groundnut, Sunflower, Castor, Sesame, niger, cotton, redgram and fodder crops etc. And the major rabi crops are Rabi jowar, safflower, linseed, bengalgram etc. The main cropping pattern of the station is growing of cotton and redgram as mono crops, Double cropping in Black soil is Sunflower followed by Bengal gram and Double cropping in Red soil are  Groundnut followed by groundnut and  Groundnut followed by sunflower.

            There are 9 AICRP schemes are operating in the station. They are: AICRP on Sunflower, AICRP on Groundnut, AICRP on Linseed, AICRP on Cotton, AICRP on Weed Management (Voluntary centre), AICRP on Biocontrol (Voluntary centre), AICRP on Dryland Agriculture (Voluntary centre), AICRP on Castor (Voluntary centre), and AICRP on Forage crops (Voluntary centre)

Varieties / hybrids released by the Station since its establishment:

Cotton: R-51, DB-3-12, RAH-100, RAHH-1, RAHB-5, RAHS-14, SCS-793, SHH-818, BGDS-1063, BGDHH-697, BGDS-1033

Groundnut (Bunch type):S-206, KRG-1, JL-24, ICGS-11, R-8808, R-9251, R-2001-3, R-2001-2 (Vijetha), S-230 (Spreading), K-9 (adoption), KDG-128 (adoption)

Sunflower: Renovated Morden, RSFH-1, RSFH-130, RSFV-901, RSFH-1887

Forage crops: SSV-74, APBN-1, DHN-6, Nandini, Samrudhi


Rabi Jowar: RSH-1, GS-23

Safflower: S-144

Castor: RC-8, Aruna, 48-1, SH-41, GCH-4

Niger: No.71, RCR 18

Linseed: NL-115

Special facilities available (Equipments / machinery / laboratory): Molecular Laboratory with all latest equipments, NMR equipment for estimation of oil content in oil seed crops, Poly house, shade house, leaf area meter, solarimeter, computer lab.

Facilities for mass production of Bio-agents like NPV, Trichograma, fungal agent like Trichoderma, Pseudomonas, etc., Insect rearing facility (green house to carry out various bioassay studies), Facilities to work on various aspects of vermin-compost and earthwarm bio-ecology, Laboratory equipments viz., Binocular, phasecontrast microscope and microscope with photography attachments are available for laboratory studies.



 Dr. Sanganna M. Sajjanar

Senior Farm Superintendent

Main Agricultural Research Station,

Raichur – 584 104

Mob. No: 9480696320

Email Id:



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